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$14.95 (US) - 240 pages

ISBN-10: 0071405828, 

ISBN-13: 978-0071405829

Uniquely designed for individuals interested in a career in the entertainment industry whether they are recent college graduates or middle-aged career changers, ACTION! takes the formula out of the job-hunting book and takes the reader to the next step.

There are many books that teach job-seekers how to write resumes or ace interviews but not many books like ACTION!

Hal Leonard (via Applause Theatre & Cinema) 2002

McGraw-Hill/Contemporary Books 2003

Every college major has special qualities that equip students with valuable skills and training. This training is perfect for a wide range of careers. The Great Jobs series helps students to make the most of their major, with help to assess talent and skills for a job targeting the perfect career.

Written for high school students, their parents and career counselors, the books in the series are simple overviews as to what a career in each field can look like.  And Great Jobs (now out of print) was a wonderful addition to the series.

Professors, contact Hal Leonard Corporation for examination copies or to buy at a discount for your class! 

Action! fills an obvious gap on the show business shelf. Remarkably thorough and thoughtful, it demystifies the world of production…If you don't have a friend in the business, you will once you’ve read this highly insightful book.”
--Jeff Melvoin, Executive Producer, Northern Exposure, Picket Fences, Early Edition, Alias, Secret Lives of Army Wives

A great tool for all aspiring filmmakers.
--Paul Marks, Producer, Party of Five, Chuck, Graceland

"Action!" is a much easier & faster read than "The Independent Film Producer's Survival Guide" (which is itself a great book, but more of a legal resource, basically saves you from asking your entertainment lawyer dumb questions).I'm not a newbie to production and this isn't a fake review, I'm a freelance Commercial Producer who is also very active in Chicago independent film; having served as producer on 4 features in the past two years, negotiated distribution deals for features, and I remain active in the scene via a Chicago based non-profit indie-sponsorship company. I find that I continue to pull "Action! Establishing your Career" off my bookshelf to use as a reference on projects.
-- Dave E. (Amazon review)

$16.95 (US) • ISBN: 1557835845• 200 pages

Sharing experiences with readers on the real life of production crew from Art Directors to Wardrobe Assistants and everything in between, this handy guide teaches job seekers how to write their resumes and then takes it to the next level including where to send them; how to keep a job once hired; and how to advance in a production career.

Great Jobs For Film Majors