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Following six years as a producer at the internationally renown Whitehouse Post Productions where she was coordinating and overseeing post production of international advertising campaigns, as well as building the growing business infrastructure with a hand in opening offices in New York and Amsterdam and creating a customized budgeting platform with a programmer (now known as Actualize It!), Sandy returned to her first love of production. She moved into producing digital web series, commercials and other visual content. 

The flagship first one of three series Sandy produced for the The Onion's YouTube Channel launch in 2012, Sex House (a Jersey Shore Parody), alone has reached over 25 million views and the numbers continue to grow.  

Similarly, while producing three seasons of element14's The Ben Heck Show, Sandy took the show from bi-monthly to weekly to establish a hit web series with 250,000+ subscribers and a returning online average of 80,000-100,000 views per week.  The show hit its 10 millionth view under her purview.

Her creativity was unleashed as she immersed herself in television, becoming an expert on the latest trends as she decided to pursue developing creative content
 for potential cable and broadcast distribution and licensing.  She found talent and produced pilots and sizzle reels on her own, making her way into the world of television - this time as a producer through her company banner, Top Bunk Entertainment.

Her experience producing in advertising along with her devotion to long format storytelling with unscripted and documentary style series provides a natural path to branded entertainment and finding alternative ways for retailers to market their products.  And she also enjoys the occasional phone call from ABC News and Good Morning America who ask for her field producing expertise when national stories break in the Midwest.  Sandy finds jumping into ENG and scooping the local news hounds to be a fun and interesting break from fictional storytelling.

As a leader in the Chicago production community, Sandy played an instrumental role in the passage of the critical Illinois Film Tax Credit incentive while serving as president of the Illinois Production Alliance.  She is a member of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and Women in Film, and continues to mentor the next generation of creatives in the industry by teaching classes and speaking at colleges and universities across the country.

About Sandy 

Emmy Award winning producer and published author, Sandy Gordon, is a resourcesful creative storyteller who can simultaneously whip up a budget; beat the press to the top story; and find a remote satellite link up in a third world country, all while maintaining a smile.

With a degree in television-radio from Ithaca College, she began her career working in production as a Location Assistant of feature films including Rudy, Baby's Day Out (Hughes), and The Hudsucker Proxy (Coen Bros.), moving later into the role of Assistant Production Coordinator for national network broadcast television series including Party of Five (FOX) and Early Edition (CBS) for Sony Pictures Entertainment.  She also produced corporate videos, national business meetings and special events for Fortune 500 companies as well as working as production managing the Opening Ceremonies for both World Cup Soccer ‘94 and the Atlanta Paralympic Games.

After years of mentoring students, Sandy authored Action!  Establishing Your Career in Film & Television Production (Hal Leonard / Applause Theatre & Cinema Books) and Great Jobs for Film Majors (McGraw-Hill/Contemporary Books).